Why this blog is named “WinK94”? It does just mean wink right?

No, it isn’t. WinK94 it a shortened of words.

Win is for my name Winda.

K is for Korean, country who I adore the most. Of course it is beside my own country.

94 is the year when I was born.

Why you have”The Stars is Only Beautiful from A far” as your phrase? Isn’t it negative phrase?

No, it isn’t negative phrase.  What I mean in this phrase is many times we want what the other have, but when we have it as our own, we are not cherishing it. Instead, we want the other person have again. That’s my first reason to like this phrase. My second reason is we sometimes make wrong estimation to other person. We think them happy and have it all, but actually they working hard to get it. And their real life isn’t as pretty as the stars. So, we mustn’t jealous to other person. The third reason is because my favorite idol, Park Jiyeon said this phrase on Dream High 2. Even though she said it with different meaning, I still like it ^^

Why you made this blog?

I made this blog so I can share my knowledge with you all. I post many things, KPOP, IT, KDRAMA, Music, and Beauty. I Hope You all will have a great time visiting my blog. And of course, I hope you got a new know ledge and fell entertained too. Post here not only written by me, there are some of them from the other website and blog too with credits of course.

The second reason is so I can fulfill my computer task.

The third reason is because I sell a things here ^^………………….. Don’t for get to check out my Products! By the way, Later I might be make a new blog or web special for my online store^^ I only sell things with Excellent Quality and of course cheap price. Don’t get tricked when you buy thing. Don’t look at the price first, look at the Quality first.

How about Donating?

You can Donate to us by clicking ad.fly in our Donate page. Your Donation will be really meaningful to us


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