Perfect Big Korean Bun

Who don’t know KPOP these days? They spread all over the world and create KPOP fever. But one of the things that we can’t miss of KPOP is their style. One of the things that get a lot of attention is their hairstyles. Now we will get down to Korean Bun. Korean hairstyles have many types of bun, from mini bun, messy bun, to big bun. Here I will tell you 3 ways to achieve Korean Big Bun.


I guess many people already knew this method. You just need to gather your hair to a high ponytail.  Then back comb or tease it. After that just twirl it around the ponytail. Lastly, secure it with bobby pin. Even though this method it’s easy but it’s not very effective. Especially, to person who have short or layered hair.


This bun maker it’s pretty popular. Many people around the world have tried it. There are people that success, but there is people who fail too. To use this section first you gather your hair to a pony tail. Just for information that the first step is optional, but I feel that way it’s a lot easier. After that, open the hole on the hairdini and loop your hair through it. Close the hole and bring to half length of your hair. Start twisting it upwards. Then, shape it round and secure it with bobby pin if you want.


Cut your toes part of your sock. I prefer new sock, but you can use old sock too. Twist it to a donut. Gather your hair into a pony tail. Put the donut on the edge of your hair. Then twist in to the root of your hair. You can secure it with bobby pin if you want.

This is just a little tip. If you have short hair or layered hair, I suggested you to secure the bun with bobby pin and coated it with plain hair net. Good Luck!

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