5 Fingers of Beauty

Do you know our finger not only help our daily life? They help us to achieve beauty too. From hair to face, they can do all. Let’s get started:

The Thumb

Do you know our thumb can be “little hairstylist”? Yes, thumb can do it! Thumb can help us to create hairstyle and cut bang. You don’t believe me?

  • Create hairstyle!

Everybody already know this right? I think I don’t need explain it anymore. By finger we can create hundreds of hairstyle, from the plain pony tail, French braid to glamorous chignon.

  • Cut the Bang!

Our thumb can be a guide to cut our bang. Just gather hair you want to turn it to bang. Hold it with your left hand and put it neither on side on your face or on the middle on your face. Remember if you want side bang, hold the hair opposite direction with the bang direction that you want. So, if you want right bang hold it to the left. And if you want left bang hold it to the right. That’s because that way the way length will create gradually from shorter to longer. Okay, now we will continue our step. After you hold the hair, now put your thumb in front of your face and under your hair. That’s mean the thumb is in the middle on face and hair. Don’t to keep stick the thumb to the hair. The cut it following your thumb shapes. Here you go, beautiful bang.


Index finger, Middle finger, and Ring finger

Our three fingers can do some “magic” too. Here it is:

  • Curl the hair!

Spray your hair with a little water. Then, Twirl your hair along with your index finger. Hold it with your palm and dry it with hair dryer. Your curls are ready.

  • Make It Wave!

Spray your hair with a little water until 80%-90% dry. Then put it between your fingers. First, put the hair under your index finger. Then put it on your middle finger and lastly under your finger. If you want to wave the upper part or lower part of your hair too just drag it. Then dry it with hair dryer. The wave is done.

  • Invisible foundation

Dab a bit foundation on your forehead, nose, jaw, and cheeks. Spread the foundation outward the face with these three fingers. At the end, press your face gently with your fingers. Now you got invisible foundation.

  • Ring Power

Your ring finger has the most perfect pressure for your eyes. It didn’t too strong or to weak. By using this finger to apply or massage your eyes, you can prevent fine lines.

 Baby finger of Pinky

Most of people won’t think that pinky is important in makeup. But you know, our pinky can be a secret to perfect makeup. You have a hard time to put eyeliner, eye shadow, or lipstick? Pinky can be your hero! Just use your pinky as axis and use your eyeliner, eye shadow, or whatever as the arrow. You on your way to perfect makeup now!

That’s today tips. Have fun with your fingers!

Originally written by Wink94

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